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Driffield based band Priestgate have released their latest single NOW, offering a reverberating soundscape with anthemic punch. Unique, passion-filled vocals are juxtaposed by the softer guitar-led instrumental. Take a listen…

Speaking on the new single, the band said: “NOW is our ode to understanding life the way it really stands. As a band and group of friends, we all know we have made our fair share of mistakes. We also know that everyone listening has made their fair share too, and will continue to mess up inevitably along the way in their individual journeys, just as equally as we will too. Our collective perception of the experiences in our youth have been distilled and refined into NOW.”

Packing such a punch on this double-edged euphoric track of despairing vocals and ethereal instrumentation, we can’t wait to see how the band top NOW. Give them a follow to keep up:

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