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‘Skullcrusher’ may stir up thoughts of head-banging Heavy Metal, connote violence, or a volume of sound so high it is ear-splitting. The music of LA-based musician Helen Ballentine juxtaposes her moniker, Skullcrusher, and the eponymous name of her debut EP released less than a week ago.

The new Secretly Canadian signee brings something new to Indie, and surprises listeners with her ethereal folk songs – far removed from what one might expect to hear based on the name Skullcrusher. Opening with the sombre, loosely strummed acoustic guitar led Places/ Plans, the songwriter sprinkles the instrumentation with keys and electric guitar, asking “You told me your friend’s in love with a guy she looks up to / Do you care about that kind of stuff?”.

The EP continues with three more beautiful songs, calm at first but with a melancholic storm brewing beneath in the inquisitive and cathartic lyricism and the layered instrumentation. Trace, a song about distrust and betrayal, is melodically bright, but lyrically and vocally intense: “You’re looking at me now / But your gaze is hollowed out / You made plans to just skip town / Would’ve gone but I found out.” Check out the new video below…

Skullcrusher might just become our new Indie obsession! Follow the artist on Instagram to keep up with new releases…

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