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Well, for obvious reasons, it’s been a long wait for a new n-eight presents live session. But after reopening Crouch End Studios in June we were able to get some new talented musicians in after months of lockdown restrictions – hurrah! Today’s live session features Wyldest performing Barefoot, and it’s a beauty! With all of the dream-pop, Shoegaze inspired charm Wyldest has become loved for, you will be pressing replay over and over.

With gigs still off the table, this might fill that hole in your heart for a little while longer! Take in the stripped back sounds of Wyldest below…

We caught up with Wyldest’s Zoe Mead earlier this year for an interview, during which she described the sound of Wyldest:

“Wyldest is ever evolving…because I can’t decide what music genre I love most and I probably never will. It has been Shoegaze/Pop in the past, but I’m slowly falling out of love with reverb in favour of more upfront production where the vocals hit you in the face. The new Wyldest album is looking to be shaping up as a guitar-pop album, with more fuzz, less reverb, a touch cinematic and perhaps a few fun production techniques – like auto-tune and sampling.

Wyldest in conversation with n-eight, April 13 2020

Read the rest of our interview with the North London-based musician here, and follow Wyldest through the links below:

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