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Los Angeles based singer songwriter Alexander 23 has released heartbreaker Caught in the Middle. About losing touch with an ex-lover, the song opens with gentle guitar as the artists reminisces about receiving a phone call from an ex, and being met with silence at the end of the phone when “no words came out”. Once close, the two have become strangers. As the song progresses, fleeting thoughts are musically mirrored by harmonies which fade in and out.

Following on from the success of his last release IDK You Yet, Alexander 23 said of this new single: “Caught in the Middle is about the uncomfortable familiarity I have with someone I was once in a relationship with… It’s strange to know someone’s deepest, darkest secrets, but not be up to date on their daily setbacks and triumphs—to truly be in between ‘lovers’ and ‘strangers’.”

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