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We are back with another live session featuring Dust in the Sunlight performing Old Dream, live from The Foundry, Crouch End Studios. Listen and watch the magic below…

We caught up with Annie and Billy earlier this year for an interview, during which they told us about how Dust in the Sunlight came to be :

“We met at our friend Sam’s (Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly) studio in Southend a couple of years ago, recording backing vocals for his latest album. When we started harmonising, we both instantly realised how good our voices sounded together… then I think we wrote our first song together that evening. We were both in different bands at the time, so it was really refreshing to be writing music with no pressure of releasing it. After about 18 months, and 30 songs later, we realised that the next logical step was to create a project for the songs.

Dust in the Sunlight in conversation with n-eight, May 08 2020

Read the rest of our interview with the duo here, and follow Dust in the Sunlight through the links below:

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