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Keedron Bryant

I Just Wanna Live

Emotion and inspiration from twelve year old Keedron Bryant who first posted this song, written by his mother, on Instagram the day after the killing of George Floyd. Recorded and produced since then by Dem Jointz, this polished version released via Warner Records with a lyric video highlighting the Black Lives Matter movement is breathtaking. Listen, watch, and share, and follow Keedron through the link below.


Cold Blue Light

Twenty-three year old Ciara Lindsey, aka Kynsy, is a Dublin-based musician who has released her debut single Cold Blue Light, a “velvet-lined boxing-glove” about “fading chancers and their last grasp at relevance”… it’s punchy and delivers with a hook which will have you pressing replay. Give it a spin!

Pen Pals (Paul Institute)


From Paul Institute’s Summer 2020 EP, Dynasty by Pen Pals – the latest Paul Institute recruit – sees Keen Collard and Mahir Mistry fuse both of their sounds to create this track, a stand out on the EP. Paul Institute (brothers Jai and A.K. Paul) have kept fans waiting for new material, and whilst six songs may fall short of what many were hoping for, quality prevails over quantity on the new EP. Give the whole thing a listen…


Tall Grass

The four-piece from Birmingham have returned with a rather spectacular track. Lyricism in which lead Michael Wagstaff looks within and out, questioning and reflecting on the complexities of life, are fused with Bon Iver-esque stylings. Despite the anxieties and complexities embedded in the lyrics and the distorted soundscape, the track is calm in it’s nature, almost meditative, providing a moment for us all to stop and ask some questions inwardly and outwardly.

Slow Pulp

Falling Apart

Another four-piece, this time out of Chicago, Slow Pulp have released a Shoe-gaze inspired track, Falling Apart, and it’s a gem! From Emily Massey’s vocals to the super chill Indie guitar, we’re obsessed. Give it a listen…

Keaton Henson


Keaton Henson is a genius, and there’s rarely a day that goes by when I don’t listen to a song of his. So, luckily for me, Henson has just announced his next album Monument (out Oct 23) with the release of lead single Prayer.

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