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Announcing his debut album Awake, due for release September 11 via andfriends Records, Kildare native Ev Carm has today released Looking For You, which will feature on the upcoming LP along with his debut single Laugh Again.

This new offering sees the experimental folk musician, based in Dublin, continue his exploration into textured layers, mounting soundscapes and melancholic vocals.

The intentional “murky atmosphere” reflects the moment in time Ev Carm was aiming to capture when writing this song, which was “made at a point in my life were I wasn’t sure who I was or what I was doing (…) I spent a lot of time reflecting on both the kind of person and artist I wanted to be. I started to question the decisions I had made and the life I was living at the time, and why, and didn’t really find any answers…”.

Listen to Looking For You…

The debut album will be out September 11 via andfriends Records. Follow Ev Carm on Instagram through the link below.

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