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Newcastle-born, London-based multi-instrumentalist AJIMAL released I’ve Known Your Heart earlier this summer, and is back with a video for the song. The single, co-produced with Guy Massey (Bill Fay, The Beatles, Paul Simon), sees AJIMAL’s haunting and bold songwriting come to life, with intimate vocals woven over a soundscape of unconventional synth, piano and string textures.

The video, created by award-winning animator Alex Moy, is an beautiful visualization of the song, which AJIMAL says was “one of the first songs I wrote for this album and the first one Guy and I recorded together. It’s about noticing the tiniest change in someone and reading into its meaning. There’s a line in the film, Dogville, where one of the characters vouches for another one and says, ‘I’ve known his heart just about as long as it’s been beating’.  I loved the intimacy of that.

Speaking further on the video, the musician said “The video emerged out of a discussion with Alex Moy about a character in Jeanette Winterson’s Sexing the Cherry, that I had somewhat fallen in love with. She’s simultaneously a murderous brute, collecting the teeth of her victims to use as a bed for her watercress, who also shows incredible tenderness and love to her son, who she found floating on the Thames as a baby, and grows into an explorer who sails away to discover the world. Alex set them on their respective journeys and created this sense of magic, love and exploration that I loved.”

Director, Alex Moy says about video, “This animated piece is a story of two spiritually-bound figures pulled apart by the currents of time. One grows old, the other grows up and departs from their shared world. But time doesn’t work in a linear, one-dimensional way and this story exists in a suspended reality where time is fragmented. We follow the characters through their separate journeys, watching time steer them back to one another.”

AJIMAL, the creative outlet for Fran O’Hanlon, is a doctor by day, and acquired the project’s name in the aftermath of being caught up in Haiti’s 2010 earthquake crisis.

From clinching second prize in this year’s Glastonbury’s Emerging Talent Competition, to having a stream of singles featured on Spotify editorial playlists, to his fans at radio including Phil Taggart at Radio 1, Tom Robinson at BBC 6 Music, John Kennedy at Radio X, BBC Introducing’s Nick Roberts, and Jason Kramer at KCRW, its clear to see that AJIMAL is gaining support far and wide.

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