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Paddy Hanna


Announcing new album The Hill (out October), Paddy Hanna’s latest release is a big one! Speaking on the song, Hanna said: “Colosseum is a Doo Wop song about Gladiators, or more specifically a song that deals with feeling out of step in a world not made for you. Your welcome to read into the allegories, but I’d be just as happy if you took the words literally and treated it as the rock n roll anthem for Gladiators, your call!”.  

Pilar Victoria

Space Song

Pilar Victoria, a self-taught musician making tunes from her home in Houston, Texas, has released a new offering: Space Song. At just 14 years old, the singer-songwriter has us gripped with her unfiltered, raw and magical way of crafting songs from her thoughts and feelings.



London-based duo GØSPEL have released new single Something4u. With comparisons ranging from Daughter, to London Grammar, to a young The XX, we’re sure you’ll love them!

Angel Olsen

Waving, Smiling

Giving us another taste of what’s to come on the upcoming album Whole New Mess, Angel Olsen has released Waving, Smiling, a song about “love not lost but at peace somewhere within myself“.

Dust in the Sunlight

Dust in the Sunlight – The Big Pink Remix

Alt-pop duo Dust in the Sunlight recently teamed up with The Big Pink to create a hypnotic remix of their eponymous track. The Big Pink’s Robbie Furze said ‘I wanted to take the track down a more electronic avenue and really make space for the vocal. I loved the original and I wanted to do the song justice. I’m so happy with the outcome!!’


Things We Don’t Talk About

The 21-year old from Derry has been a favourite of ours for a while, serving up dark pop that we can’t help but love. Every lyric has meaning and depth, and musically, the EP is masterfully composed. Just look at the support for Room to Breathe! This latest EP is a full of gems, one of our favourites being A Quiet Place. Give it a listen!

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