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Stockholm-native, London-based dream pop artist Rebecka Reinhard recently released Whale, a six-track EP, through Crowds and Power. Each track has an identity of its own – there’s not getting bored and no repetition, but a whole lot of talent which takes you on a sonic adventure.

Speaking on the EP, Reinhard said: “I wrote these songs when living in London, taking a very good and long time processing a breakup and coming to terms with an emotional resignation; that was it for me, I was done with love. I’ve always had a melancholic and slightly melodramatic streak, which is something that tends to go into full bloom in my music. But I don’t know if it would work if I didn’t also think it was a bit of a pathetic trait. I feel like the songs know that they’re sometimes over the top but that the self-awareness is what saves them, what makes them work. It’s like this musical yin and yang-force between self-absorbed heartbreak and a blasé sense of irony.”

Recorded between London and the Swedish countryside, the EP comes after a period of musical and personal discovery for the artist. Having left Stockholm, Rebecka lived in Paris for a time, before moving to London in 2014.

Make sure you give the whole EP a good listen, and follow Reinhard on Instagram.

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