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Thom Southern


Starting his career busking in Belfast at 16, Thom Southern’s music weaves effortlessly between heart wrenchingly exposed and confidently cool. His debut single Shivers was recorded at home during the Covid-19 lockdown, and co-produced remotely by Adrian Bushby (Muse, Foo Fighters, Feeder). Already having supported the likes of Jake Bugg and Bastille, and from the sound of this debut, Southern is 100% one to watch.

Maddy Storm

Surrealist Dinner Party

A 24-year-old “blurring the boundary between pop and something almost undefinably grittier”, all of the Maddy Storm’s music is written, produced and released entirely independently, championing and contributing to young women’s representation in music production. This latest released takes its name from Salvador Dali’s ‘dream ball’, where guests were invited to dress as their most recurrent dream. Focusing on finding ways to make yourself happy without relying on other people or outside influence, Maddy has said that “the main riff may sound like a mix of intense guitars and synths but it’s mostly me singing into Apple earphones filtered through distortion and a myriad of other effects.” Adopting a “trash into treasure” mentality, the songwriter successfully proves that a fancy studio and/or huge budget isn’t necessary to make massive sounding pop music. 

Novo Amor

If We’re Being Honest

From his forthcoming LP Cannot Be, Whatsoever, out November 6, Novo Amor has released gentle new single If We’re Being Honest. Speaking on this string of new releases, Ali Lacey – the Welsh multi-instrumentalist behind Novo Amor – has described his new music as “a shift towards the light”. Accompanied by a video directed by Charlie Reader, Novo Amor is the gift that keeps giving when it comes to offering art that is truly unique, visually and sonically.


Permanent Maniac

The Toronto-based alt-pop artist’s latest track is a love song to her crush, Robert Smith (The Cure). GRAE said: “I’ve had a real obsession with him since I was a teenager and even went through a phase where I did my makeup like him and dressed like him. The Cure’s music hits me in a way like nothing else has, and I’m so inspired by Robert, his sound, his writing. This song is about how I love him, and he’ll never know.”



London based duo Christian Pinchbeck and Tessa Cavanna draw inspiration from the shared sounds on which they grew up, taking cues from Fugees, late 80s hip hop and The Avalanches. On their latest release, the duo said: “Queendom is about picking yourself up when you fall. It’s about supporting yourself and the people you love.”

Manu Grace

Over the Stove

Back with single number 2 from her forthcoming EP, Manu Grace has released Over the Stove: “I wrote this one in my little room under the stairs in Tuscany last Summer , shyly took it over to Ross and Rob in Berlin and the whole thing came together in a flash. Our Endless Summer track.” Give it a spin…

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