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Lucia & The Best Boys

Perfectly Untrue

Taken from their forthcoming EP, The State Of Things, available October 9th, Lucia & The Best Boys are back with their new single Perfectly Untrue. Frontwoman Lucia Fairfull said of the track: “Perfectly Untrue was written a couple of weeks after Let Go, during a time of heartbreak, feeling strong and capable one minute, then confused and distraught the next. The only way through seemed to be to pretend that everything was fine or perfect whereas in reality it was Perfectly Untrue.

Niamh Regan


A debut album as sophisticated and distinctive of this is rare, but Galway-based songwriter Niamh Regan has pulled it off, and not without years of hard graft and refining this collection of songs and her own ‘sound’. The album, named after the Californian desert town where her husband is from, is most definitely one to spin now! 

For Those I Love

I Have a Love

For Those I Love (aka David Balfe) has debuted his new project with single I Have a Love, a poignant tribute to his best friend and former bandmate Paul Curran who passed away in 2018. Balfe says: “The art is all we ever had. The books, the tunes, the films. Since we were kids it was the foundation of our love. It was the path towards hope. Ya grow older and feel as cold as ya did when you were hiding from the brutality of the world. And the only peace you find is in the songs you make with your mates. When it happened, and life froze over, the only way out was through the songs. How else can I show my love, how else can I remember what we had and what we made, but through the art itself. I have a love, And it never fades, And neither will you, Paul”.

Lava La Rue


G.O.Y.D. (Girl Of Your Dreams) is the latest offering from London-based Lava La Rue (Ava Laurel), musician and founder of NiNE8 COLLECTIVE. Lava La Rue’s art is filled with empathy, and the lyrics and arrangement of this track are perhaps the most empathetic yet. All proceeds from this queer anthem about identity and finding freedom go to For Our Sibs.



From the Swedish trio’s forthcoming debut LP Drive-Through Chapel, out October 2, Spunsugar have released Belladonna which features an enchanting duet between vocalist Elin Ramsted and bass player Felix Sjöström met by the brooding and moody instrumentation of guitars and bass.

Rose Gray

Same Cloud

A commentary on life during London’s lockdown, and the slowing and stillness of the world, Rose Gray said she “spent a lot of days wondering how someone was feeling and if they were under the ‘same cloud’ as me.” The melancholy of this sentiment, and of Gray’s lyricism, has here been met with a sense of hope; a soulful voice pondering, wandering and just making the most of the surreal state of life.

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