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Today sees the release of Dublin-based electronic artist Eric Fitzgerald’s second single inis under the pseudonym ‘qwasi’. Released via Bad Soup Records – co-founded by Fitzgerald – the ambient track is full of lush, layered sounds, creating “an atmosphere of comfort through isolation”, something everyone has experienced this year! This sophomore tune from qwasi was inspired by a trip to Inis Oirr, an island off the coast of Galway, Ireland, on which he was stuck due to a heavy storm.

Accompanied by a video created by Elysia Tuohy, the sonic and visual elements unite to create a beautiful piece of art. Speaking on the video and artwork for qwasi’s inis, Tuohy said: “The song’s simple elements that are brought in are taken away at different points to create both sparse and layered composites of sound mirrors the process that I had been making
videos. I work in collage, collecting snippets of video and photos on my phone whenever something interesting pops up. I then compile them into multifaceted moving images, sometimes they feel oversaturated, other times they are sparse. For me it’s not narrative driven, it’s more that
the images are placed because of their visual connections, they are de-contextualised and take on new meaning in their relationship with one another.”

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