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Fleet Foxes


The whole album from Fleet Foxes is first up – so it’s actually 15 songs to spin! In a year that, well, let’s be honest, has been absolutely bonkers and messed up, these 54 minutes and 29 seconds from the American Indie Folk outfit have been a welcome surprise! If you haven’t listened yet (which I’m not sure why you wouldn’t of, but whatever), then listen now and let your 2020 be saved!

bb sway

I Found Out When The Day Had Come

London-based artist bb sway has released another chill, intriguing and exciting single, I Found Out When The Day Had Come. The calming tune is accompanied by a video filled with snapshots of forests, fields and sea views. Give it a listen!



Calon, the musical project of Welsh musician Adam Lewis, has just released his second single Familiar, following on from his debut single Feral in January. The laidback, jazzy sound of Familiar hints at influences from Jeff Buckley and Corinne Bailey Rae, and is most definitely worth a spin! Now based in London, the songwriter is working towards releasing a string of new songs recorded in 2019, so stay tuned…

Coach Party

Can’t Talk, Won’t

Our fav Isle of White foursome are back with their first release since EP Party Food dropped in June, and it’s a big one! Here’s what the band said: “Can’t Talk, Won’t is when you have a lifelong habit of repressing and never really dealing with the things that have hurt you. Eventually you get to the point where tiny, everyday, meaningless things start to trigger all of that unresolved shit from your past. The track is good to dance to, it feels upbeat but is it fuck. It always helps to give a self-loathing song a deceptively positive sound when you’re a band of serial repressors.”

Gadget & The Cloud

It Never Felt Right

Lifted from the Cork artist’s newly released Things I’ll Never Say EP, It Never Felt Right is an emotive piece of music that will immerse you in an atmospheric, ambient world of your own. With a beautiful video to match, this is a breathtaking gem to take a quiet moment with.


I Wanna Be A Cowboy, Baby!

A new artist everyone is talking about, CMAT has dropped single number 3, I Wanna Be A Cowboy, Baby! Speaking on the track, she says: “It’s mainly about urban isolation, about having all of the freedom and resources to do whatever you want but still choosing to do nothing out of deeply-embedded social anxiety and detachment from your own emotions. Sometimes you just turn around and ask yourself, ‘Why is my life crap? I don’t do anything, Why not?’ I never really have an answer to that, but I wish it was different. I want to be a cowboy instead.”

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