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London-based duo lavender, aka Adam Jackson (instrumentalist/vocalist) & Oskar Rice (producer/beatmaker), have been on our radar these past few months, teasing us with some enthralling releases, and have returned today with their first vocal collaboration featuring Chrissy. Take a listen to constantly

Talking about the track, they said, “We made the beat in a late night 4am session, which we think you can hear in the woozy/warm/stargazey vibe. After we finished it Chrissy came by our studio and we played it for her and she just sat down and all the lyrics came out in a stream of consciousness. We asked her how she’d describe it and she said ‘A dysfunctional relationship. Reminiscing about times when we were happy/together, not broken up yet but you’re still together just for the sake of having someone.‘”

A melting pot of all things J Dilla/Madlib/KAYTRANADA mixed with the likes of Bon Iver/Radiohead/American Football, the unique and captivating sound these guys have curated is hypnotic. With a debut EP on the way early next year, we can’t wait to hear what else lavender have been working on.

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