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London-based musician Katie Wood may have only released her first single back in March (Steve) followed by the wildly popular Uh Huh Yeah in June, but we’re already fans at this early stage. Now back with Where Have You Been, it’s safe to say the musician has made the most of this year, and broken through just when we needed some new sounds to get lost in.

Speaking on the track, Wood says “It’s hard to admit sometimes when you’re in love for whatever reason… it can make you feel uneasy. I feel as though it’s tempting to romanticize a situation or idolize someone and the song represents that moment you realize that is what you’re doing, it’s like a daydream.”

Known for her flamboyant charm and eccentric aura, Wood’s music dances intuitively between decades, with the artist blending her love for both past and present to create something that defies categorisation. Dripping with cool, effortless vocals, immersive synths and chorus laden guitars, the first few singles from Wood’s only excite us for what’s to come next.

Profoundly influenced by post-punk, dark wave and glam rock, the artist shares: “I think there is something inexplicably compelling about things that feel darker by their nature.”

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