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Irish singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Trophy Wife (Ruby Smyth) has just released her debut EP Art, after a music-filled 2020 which saw her lockdown become a time for sharing her unique sound and perspective on the world.

Writing and conceptualising the EP whilst living in Barcelona in 2018, Art was later recorded throughout the summer of 2019 in Dublin. Fusing a depth of knowledge of Art, Literature and Music, Trophy Wife has created an EP that is simultaneously Pop and Alternative. Creating from a perspective of recognising and embracing the highs of Pop Culture, Trophy Wife remains aware of its darker side, aiming to create accessible, popular music whilst infusing this with challenging concepts and lyrics.

We caught up with Ruby earlier this year, when she gave us a bit more insight into Trophy Wife: “I would classify Trophy Wife’s sound as indie, the songs are also definitely pop. But I also have some shit recorded that’s really guitar heavy, because some times you need to just rip. I also love making beats and pull a lot of inspiration from various genres from jazz to electronic music. Really, I’m not sure, the music just slaps – so if that was a genre, I’d try and be that! But if I had to say – I’d go with Alt-Pop/Indie Pop. Oh, and very emo (for the most part).” Read more here.

Be sure to listen to Art, and follow Trophy Wife on Instagram.

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