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Some Days is the debut single from Caitríona, a singer songwriter with Irish roots based in London. 100% of royalties from this first release will be going to mental health charity Beder. After an intense year, a calming song like this might just be what we need…

After years of hiding away in her bedroom writing mountains of songs and playing them only to her cat (and the occasional applause of her neighbours through the thin walls), Caitríona started playing open mics around London and Paris whilst studying History of Art at The Courtauld Institute.

On the track, Caitríona said: “I actually wrote the chorus to this one quite a few years ago whilst in sixth form college. I had a bit of a stumble right before that in my personal life (life, ya know?), and after a bit of soul-searching I learnt that I need to learn to give myself permission to take time out for myself. To not have to keep up with the rest of the world all the time. Some days I really do just need to let myself lie down… take a breather, and come back rested and stronger. I guess the song is a take on the ‘It’s okay not to be okay’ slogan… but with an underlying, hopeful message that it’s better to be getting better. Although none of that was intentional when first writing… I was just spewing out whatever I was thinking at the time.”

The proceeds from this release are going to mental health charity Beder. Caitríona adds: “Like many, I’ve had my own struggles with mental illness, and have witnessed people I love fighting similar battles, and sadly not always making it. After losing my uncle last year, I needed something positive to come out of my grief, and I was lucky enough to get involved with Beder. Pre-Covid, the events Beder held (and kindly involved me in) gave me some really happy moments, and the way they open up the conversation on mental health has been invaluable to me, and I just want to give a little bit back and hope this song helps raise more awareness.”

Follow Beder here, and give the song a listen to help the charity continue their work.

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